New Season of Trains starts at Llangollen

Weekend train services resumed from 1 February when on Saturdays the off-peak service is provided by the heritage diesel railcar running from Llangollen to Carrog and return.   On these trains passengers selecting seats at the front behind the driver get the “where we are going” view of the journey, whilst that at the rear get the “where we have been” view of the line, a facility no longer offered by trains on the mainlines. In mid winter the ride on the Llangollen Railway offers best view of the line as it follows the course of the River Dee with wide panoramas of the Welsh countryside now that the vegetation had died back.   On Sundays the steam service is provided by the tank engine “Jessie” hauling a set of three heritage coaches, reminiscent of the old branch line trains which once served the valley.   This sequence of trains will operate on weekends through to 22/23 February when we have our “Days Out With Thomas Event” – and continue until weekday services begin from 24 March.   A new train timetable has now been introduced and is devised to accommodate the eventual running of trains on the extension through to Corwen later this year.   Visitors should note that the on-the-hour departures from Llangollen no longer apply for all trains. During the off-peak season for timetable A the departures from Llangollen are now at:   10.50 arriving Carrog 11.20 13.00 arriving Carrog 13.30 15.10 arriving Carrog 15.40 Departures from Carrog are at: 12.00 arriving Llangollen 12.30 14.10 arriving Llangollen 14.40 16.20 arriving Llangollen 16.50   Further details and the times for trains when timetables B & C apply can be found elsewhere on this website. A date for the running of trains to and from Corwen will be announced when all the work to provide the track has been completed.

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