Corwen Track Viewing walk report

Despite a poor weather forecast for the area, which undoubtedly put some intending participants off, the escorted walk took place as planned from Carrog on Saturday 1 February. The start of the day was surprising bright in the east, but rain at Carrog at 1130 was uninspiring for the party of ten which assembled.

However, with the walk getting underway, a watery sun appeared and by the time the party was up and onto the A5 the sun was shining and the forecast gale was on hold.

So it continued through to Bonwm, to pause at the gates to recount the earlier excitement here when we had a Golden Moment on 27 December, then on wards to look at Bridge 28 (fisherman’s underpass – under water!) and as over bridge 28A came into sight the sounds of the works party hard at it.

Thanks to privileged access on to the top of the bridge, the party was able to appreciate the length of straight track which has been achieved eastwards towards Bonwm and, looking over the parapet, we were in time to see the last panel of the current track laying effort coming together. Timing was perfect!

Also on site was the works train of Toad and wagon as previously delivered by the 03 shunter from Carrog and due to be retrieved later in the day.

Continuing into the outskirts of Corwen, the new works on bridge 29 were observed and the site of the station was viewed with the 66 footings now in place making the development very obvious from the road. The length of the 5 coach platform will make a notable addition to the scene when the timber sections are erected.

And so into Corwen town as the rain arrived and just time to take in the engineering works which are creating the Flood Alleviation scheme before seeking shelter at the bus stop for the route 5 bus back to Llidiart y Parc in time for a welcome cuppa at Carrog station before the party dispersed, well satisfied with their introduction to the extension as seen from the roadside. The fortunate break in the weather made for a excellent occasion and those participating were impressed with progress to date and the challenge which still remains.

The works train movement serves to emphasise that the extension is a ‘live’ railway and trains can be expected however infrequent they may be. The warning notices at crossings are now relevant – stop, look and listen – a train may be coming…………

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