Corwen News letter August 2018

For the best part of July, the hot weather continued. Much of the Dee Valley turned a gentle straw colour, good for hay making which was well advanced in the valley, but not too good for sheep and cattle who were for ever
seeking shade and copious amounts of drinking water. The hot lazy days have seen plenty of bird life using the river – mallard, shell duck and goosander have all been busy adding to their clans whilst plenty of herons have been
patiently fishing along the banks. In the skies a number of Red Kites have been spotted as a sign of their growing numbers and a determination to push north. Sightings have also been reported in Northamptonshire as examples come up from their release areas in Oxfordshire. The good weather has at least ensured that the work site has at last thoroughly dried out to allow building work to develop a pace. The down side is that any digging activities need an extra bit of energy.

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