Corwen gets a new name board

Llangollen Railway’s Corwen station project has received a new name board (pictured) on the eastern end of the platform.

The substantial piece of joinery was lifted into position by volunteers after it was delivered to the site.

Sponsored by railway enthusiasts’ group the Foxcote Manor Society the double-sided name board was constructed by Llangollen Railway member Graham Hoyland.

As a traditional form of station running-on board, it will announce to train passengers their arrival at Corwen and can now be seen as a prominent fixture on the platform, adding to the heritage features already in place.

It can be readily appreciated by walkers across Corwen Common and its erection was a big boost for the project volunteers.

Running-in boards are no longer a feature of stations on the national rail network having been superseded these days by on-train announcements.

A similar board was unveiled in the Corwen town car park back in December 2011 as a statement of the railway’s intention to return to the adjacent embankment.

It has taken rather longer than originally envisaged, but that board remains in-situ as a local feature announcing to road users where they have arrived.

Post by Phil Robinson ( Llan blogger)

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