Corwen Central News Letter April 2017

The Dee Valley echoed to the bark of Ravingham Hall and the familiar side rod ring from a Stanier 8F in the first weekend of March as we celebrated the last trains into Birkenhead Woodside. Unfortunately the weather proved to be rather damp on the Friday but put on a more shiny face on Saturday, where there were good crowds to take advantage of this break in the clouds. The Project Team were at work as usual on Saturday morning, but were open to receive visitors from the trains stopping at Corwen East. For those unable to rest a while at Corwen Central, Bob Jacques was showing off the progress of the Corwen Central Project at the little sales stand on Llangollen Station. At the beginning of the month the Project Team were able to witness the connection of the submersible pump to the borehole, to complete the first two layers of “Easi blocs” onPlatform 2 (Down), add a panel of track to the UP road and to add more filling to the north batter.