Corwen Central News – January 2016

Corwen Central News – January 2016

Unfortunately, the good weather we enjoyed in October and November has become very wet and windy in December, with Storms Desmond and Eva lashing the Welsh coastline and bringing heavy rain to the Dee Valley. Many of you visiting the area over the last couple of months will have noticed that the peaceful river has turned into a torrent of water breaking its banks in the upper reaches and spreading over the flood plain. The view [above] of Corwen East marooned from its passengers shows how necessary it is to move the terminus to Corwen Central, safely above the flood plain and ensuring all year access to rail services. Work on a number of projects has had to be suspended pending the arrival of some winter sunshine and a bit of drying wind. This does not mean The Project Team has stopped work! They have hosted a visit by our AM, Ken Skates, now Deputy Minister for Sport, Culture and Tourism. Materials have continued to be moved to the Corwen Central site, a contract for more supplies has been let and a new fund raiser has been launched.

Full newsletter can be found below in two parts.

Corwen Newsletter Jan 2016 part 1

Corwen Newsletter Jan 2016 part 2

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