Corwen The BIG PUSH

On the  7th April 2017 Llangollen Railway  hosted a visit by Susan Elan Jones MP for Clwyd South on the occasion of the launch of the Corwen The Big Push share brochure. During the course of the train journey Susan was reminded of the huge volunteer effort over the past 40 years to rebuild Llangollen Railway. On arrival at Corwen Susan was escorted around the site by project manager Richard Dixon Gough. Richard explained the work that had been completed to date, which has been done in the main by volunteer effort, and the construction that is still required to complete the terminal station.
The Corwen Central project was costed at approximately £500,000 of which Llangollen railway anticipate some funding from The Welsh Government European Development Fund. The remaining funds will come from share pucrases and donations.
Today the Llangollen Railway promotion was to show case the project so far and encourage people to make a donation or purchase shares. The spring 2017 share brochure is available on request from Llangollen Railway office.
Susan Elan Jones said, ‘I am most impressed with the progress that has been made since my last visit in 2016 and the effort of all the volunteers who have been involved in this project. I note that for work to continue financial support is imperative an essential part of this support is the launch of the share brochure to encourage much needed funds’.
Peter Lund Chairman of the Llangollen railway said, ‘We are very grateful for Susan Elan Jones visiting the Corwen site today, completion of this project in time for the 2018 season is wholly dependent on financial support from share purchases and donations’.
For further information please contact Llangollen railway 01978 860979 email
George Jones – Publicity officer Corwen Central Project
Liz McGuinness Commercial Manager Llangollen Railway