A View from the Lineside – March 2016

Over the winter period, a large amount of work has been going on to manage the vegetation growing along the lineside. This is a regular but often ‘behind the scenes’ part of railway operations and enables the travelling public to see the superb countryside through which the railway runs instead of a green corridor.

A dedicated group of volunteers have cleared the shrubs, trees and overhanging branches from both ends of Berwyn Tunnel, making the approaches to it much lighter and drier. The immediate benefit for photographers is that the view from the dedicated Lineside Viewing Area (opened in 2015) at the eastern end of the tunnel has been much improved.

Between 10th and 13th March,  a shredder was hired in to tackle the lineside between Berwyn station and the tunnel, making light work of the vegetation growing on the embankments. This has dramatically improved the view from the train of the Horseshoe Falls and the Llantysilio mountains, whilst restoring the lineside back to its original GWR & BR condition.

20160313_043002 20160313_042958

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