The Llangollen Railway is pleased to announce the arrangements for a first day of steam hauled trains to the new temporary platform at Dwyrain Corwen East on Wednesday, 22 October 2014.

This will be the first time in nearly fifty years that passenger trains have arrived at Corwen since services were suspended in December 1964, prior to formal closure of the line by British Railways in January 1965.

The special trains to celebrate the completion of phase 1 of the extension project are due to arrive at Corwen at:

11.35, 13.45 and 15.54.

The five coach trains for this special service will be topped and tailed by locomotives GWR No.3802 and Black Five No.45337.  They will stop in the platform for 10 minutes whilst arrangements are made to reverse back out.

The first two trains, due to leave Llangollen at 11.00 and 13.00, are reserved for invited passengers only.

The third departure at 1500 will convey members of the public who wish to purchase tickets at the premium rate of £25, on sale from Llangollen station after 1330.   A commemorative card ticket in the traditional style will be issued.

On this first occasion no tickets will be issued for travel from Corwen.

The operation of the Special Trains with two locomotives is required as no run round loop is available at the temporary station. This will require a stop over at Carrog on the return journey whilst one locomotive is detached. It will be attached to the next working to Corwen.

In view of the large numbers of passengers arriving by the first two trains, on this occasion access to the platform by spectators will be restricted for safety reasons. Inspection of the new structure may be permitted once trains have departed, at the discretion of the Railway’s station staff.

George Jones, for Llangollen Railway Trust, said, “The arrival of the first Special Trains to Corwen celebrates the achievement of the rebuilding of the line west from Carrog. The project has been a considerable challenge in terms of applying the available limited resources and the problems which have been encountered. The work undertaken by the volunteer work force, aided by our full time staff and contractors, demonstrates that determination and enthusiasm overcame all the obstacles.

The Llangollen Railway Trust wishes to acknowledge the help and assistance it has received from its many supporters and well wishers whose contributions have ensured the success of project.

The formal opening ceremony for the line extension will be held at Dwyrain Corwen East station on 1 March 2015.”


In week commencing 27 October normal train services on Llangollen Railway will operate through to Corwen, and during weekends through to 9 November, as per the published time.

Trains will depart Corwen at: 11.35, 13.45 and 15.55

Tickets should be purchased from the Travelling Ticket Inspector.

There is no return service on the final train of the day.

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