Berwyn Station

In the underpass to the Chain Bridge at the eastern end of Berwyn station, there are poignant reminders of local sacrifice during the First World War. The white-glazed bricks that line the underpass seem to have taken pencil marks readily, with some of the still legible messages dating from around 1914.

One message is signed by R.Roberts in July 1913. Next to it and dated 25 December 1914, is written Lance Corporal R.Roberts – suggesting he had enlisted, been promoted and returned for Christmas leave.  One message says “Berlin last stop”, another is signed “Balls from Belgium”. One is signed A. J. Candy – an Alfred James Candy is honoured on Llangollen’s War Memorial (unveiled by Capt. Best of Vivod on July 8th 1923) as having fallen in action. Four out of eleven soldiers’ names that have been researched appear on the war memorial.

As a mark of respect, a commemorative poppy wreath will be on display at Berwyn during the first half of November. The station tea room and facilities at Berwyn, complete with a traditional coal fire in the waiting room, will be open during the line’s Timetable A service on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November.

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